Costa Rica – May 2023

This experience started as any other regular vacation – stressful. The hustle and bustle of the traffic to get to the airport, the flight, the van to take us to our destination once we arrived in Costa Rica.

But little did we know the serenity, challenges, and personal growth that would come from all of that travel stress.

Twelve girls from several different states began a journey that would bring them together and give them a special bond when the experience ended.

meeting at the airport

When we landed in Costa Rica, a van was waiting for us for a journey that would last four hours and take us to where the retreat would be held.

Upon our arrival at the retreat center, we got our rooms, washed up and got ready for what would be our first of many amazing meals. The chef was there to make sure we ate right, which we did!

After such a long day, the first night we decided to stay in and just relax and get to know each other better. An early bedtime was had by most!

The day began with some gentle yoga and a breakfast to feed an army. Little did we know we would need the extra fuel for the day we were about to experience. The chef knew exactly what we needed.

After a short drive to what seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, we landed at a location where we would experience a Temascal or sweat lodge.

Situated along a small river, the small tent was where we would spend the next 3 hours.

Meditation kicked off a day of inner-reflection and group bonding. A trek off to the beach was where we enjoyed eco-therapy. As we all sat in a circle, we talked about thoughts and feelings. The facilitator, Jess, did an amazing job of helping us talk – even when it was a bit uncomfortable.

Tears were shed, hugs were had, and at the end – there was a feeling of girl power. It was pretty intense.

girls after eco-therapy in costa rica

Breakfast and yoga were on the agenda for day 3 as we got ready for what would be one of the best – and most challenging – experiences of our lives.

A hike up Diamante Falls, the largest waterfall in all of Cost Rica, pushed us. It was a 5-mile hike in pretty rough terrain on a very vertical angle. Add the high temperatures, humidity, and rain and you have a physical experience that pushed all physical – and mental – limits.

But, once we reached the top, all those challenges were forgotten. We did it.

The view from that waterfall was worth every step.

That night we would have dinner and sleep under a cave. The sound of the waterfall lulling us to sleep. We were wet, dirty, and tired – but happy.

cooking under a cave
beds under diamante falls in costa rica

We awakened the next day to a complete breakfast and started our walk back down the waterfall.

Our last full day in the beautiful country. We enjoyed some yoga in the morning and then head off to do some surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

kayaking costa rica
girl surfing in costa rica

After that was done we went into town and did some shopping and exploring on our own. After all, we could not go home without some gifts! We enjoyed a local restaurant and some cocktails before we had back to the retreat center.

That night we enjoyed a light dinner and a Cacao/Sound Journey which was a very moving experience. The lights and sounds were mesmerizing.